We encourage you to reconnect with your classmates and Theological College! You can contact your class representative directly through the lists below. Clicking an individual’s name will open a new email message with their email address in the “To:” line. Some individuals do not have an email address listed on our records and certain classes no longer have a designated representative; in each of these cases, the class will be marked accordingly in the lists below.

Theological College is always looking to improve and keep current its Alumni Database. Please contact Suzanne Tanzi at or (202) 756-4914 with updates and news!

Theological College Centennial Video

Class of 2020 – Class of 2002

2020 – Garrett Bockman

2019 –  Rev. Patrick Mullan

2018 – Rev. Nicholas Redmond

2017 – Rev. Miguel Melendez

2016 – Rev. Ryan Pineda

2015 – Rev. Matthew Kiehl

2014 – Rev. Michael Ackerman

2013 – Rev. Scott Holmer

2012 – Rev. Daniel Carson

2010 – Rev. Jared Suire 

2009 – Rev. John Naugle

2008 – Rev. John David Ramsey

2007 – Rev. Thomas Lawless

2006 – Rev. Leonardo Gajardo

2005 – Rev. Robert Kinnally

2004 – Rev. William Coffas

2003 – Rev. Kenneth Shuping

2002 – Rev. James Fennessy