Spring-Summer  2014

Theological College joyfully announces the recent  diaconate ordinations of 15 of its seminarians: Rev. Mr. Michael Greco (Diocese of Fort Worth), Rev. Mr. Andrew Haissig (Diocese of Arlington), Rev. Mr. Craig Hanley (Diocese of Helena), Rev. Mr. Jason Harris (Archdiocese of Louisville), Rev. Mr. Keith Hathaway (Diocese of Ft. Worth), Rev. Mr. Levi Hartle (Diocese of Pittsburgh), Rev. Mr. Matthew Kiehl (Diocese of Richmond), Rev. Mr. John Large (Diocese of Trenton), Rev. Mr. Jeremy Mohler (Diocese of Pittsburgh), Rev. Mr. David Rombold (Diocese of Pittsburgh), Rev. Mr. Daniel Ruiz-Sierra (Diocese of Rochester),Rev. Mr. Carlos Sanchez-Betancur (Diocese of Rochester), Rev. Mr. Pawel Tomczyk (Diocese of Paterson), and Rev. Mr. John Paul Trask (Diocese of Rapid City), and Rev. Mr. William Wuenschel (Diocese of Pittsburgh).