Theological College heartily congratulates the deacon graduates of the class of 2018: from Dallas, Wade Bass and Stephen Ingram; from Rochester, Jeffrey Chichester; from Washington, Andrew Clyne; from Fort Worth, Jonathan Demma and Maurice Moon; from New York, Carlos Limongi; from Richmond, Nicholas Redmond; and from Charleston, Rhett Williams. Pictured above, from left: Rhett Williams, Nick Redmond, Jeff Chichester, Matthew Browne (rising 4th theologian from Rockville Centre), and Carlos Limongi. The distinguished Ph.L graduates of the Basselin class are also to be congratulated: Jeison Cortes (Galveston-Houston), Jon Hawkins (Cleveland), Nicholas Hebert (Lafayette), and Aaron Kelly (Rochester). Austin Hoodenpyle (Fort Worth) will soon join this august group. Basselin Ph.B. recipients were Reed Bellingham (Lafayette), Patrick Judd (Charleston), Daniel Sessions (Birmingham), and Michael Vidrine (Lafayette).

Watch for The Crossroads Summer issue to read graduate reflections!