From June 5 through June 12, Theological College was proud to host the Fourteenth Sulpician Institute for Seminary Formators. A biennial event sponsored by the Society of St. Sulpice, Province of the U.S., this eight-day program provides an opportunity for the education and formation of those who assume the responsibility of forming future priests. It serves participants who minister in seminaries as advisors, spiritual directors, and formation team members in diocesan and religious formation programs at both the collegiate and theologate level. The Institute seeks to situate these important formational roles within the vision of Pastores Dabo Vobis and the Program of Priestly Formation. Presentation formats include lectures, group discussions, and case studies.
This year’s dynamic conference, conducted by priests and long-time specialists in pertinent fields, addressed the following topics:

  • A Theology of the Priesthood and Implications for Seminary Ministry
  • Who Are Our Seminarians?
  • The Current Generation of Seminarians
  • The Integration of Chaste Celibacy and Sexuality
  • Working with International Seminarians
  • Developmental Issues of Today’s Seminarians: Psychological Testing
  • Human and Spiritual Formation: Internal and External Forum
  • The Role of Academics and Intellectual Formation