The annual second-semester Iron Seminarian competitions, which extend over the course of an entire month, offer much needed fraternity and levity in the middle of a challenging term. Under the mentorship of then-faculty member Father Mel Blanchette, PSS, the first Iron Seminarian rivalry was inspired in 2005 by John (“Johnny”) Burns, ordained for Milwaukee in 2010.

Organized by the  Community Life Committee, this year’s competions involved two dozen seminarians vying for a win in three catgories: darts, billiards, and ping-pong. Each event had a standard single elimination bracket. The event winners were: Deacon Dave Schmidt (Pittsburgh) in darts, Michael Villavicencio (2-T, Santa Fe) in billiards, and Andrew Heidelbaugh (3-T, Harrisburg) in ping-pong. Andrew was also the overall Iron Seminarian Champion, the second in history to be a two-time consecutive victor!  

Please join us in congratulating Andrew and all the top competitors, as we continue to pray for a fruitful end to the semester for all!