The Iron Seminarian tournament offers the opportunity for healthy fraternal engagement and friendship as a relief from academic and other challenges that second semester typically holds for all seminarians. Led by Deacon James Buttner (Diocese of Syracuse), Chair of the Community Life Committee, and  tournament Commissioner Rob Paradiso (2-Pre-T, Diocese of Rockville Centre), this year’s tournament marked the 18th anniversary of this in-house competition with competitors going head-to-head in three categories: darts, billiards, and ping-pong, each with a standard single elimination bracket.

The event winners were:

Table Tennis: Peter Mallampalli (1-T, Pittsburgh) defeated Jacob Gruber (4-T, Pittsburgh)

Darts: John Kist (3-T, Pittsburgh) defeated Nicolas Rapkoch (4T-Raleigh)

Billiards: James Buttner (4-T, Syracuse) defeated Nicolas Rapkoch

Iron Seminarian Tournament champion: James Buttner

Congratulations to all our competitors !!