Seventeen Theological College seminarians were ordained to the priesthood this year. Hailing from 11 different dioceses, they reached this tremendous milestone with their bishops, formators, family, and friends in diocesan cathedrals across the country. Marking this joyful occasion were Michael Greco and Keith Hathaway of the Diocese of Fort Worth; Andrew Haissig of the Diocese of Arlington; Jason Harris of the Archdiocese of Louisville; Craig Hanley of the Diocese of Helena; Mathew Kiehl of the Diocese of Richmond; David Kruse and Kyle Ratuiste of the Diocese of Spokane; Carlos Sanchez-Betancur and Daniel Ruiz-Sierra of the Diocese of Rochester; John Paul Trask of the Diocese of Rapid City; Paul (Pawel) Tomczyk of the Diocese of Paterson; John Large of the Diocese of Trenton; and four from the Diocese of Pittsburgh: Levi Hartle, Jeremy Mohler, David Rombold, and William Wuenschel.  Watch for the Fall 2015 issue of The Crossroads to learn about their ministry assignments!

Congratulations to all our newly ordained alumni!