On Tuesday, August 21st, 20 new seminarians from 12 different dioceses were welcomed to Theological College by the Orientation Team and faculty and staff.

Throughout the day, each of the new men met with the Rector, Fr. McBrearity who warmly welcomed them. After Evening Prayer, the week ahead was introduced and a building tour ensued, followed by a convivial social hour. The next day was a “Day for Spirituality,” while Thursday’s focus was on Catholic University academics and Friday’s was community life, which included a DC tour. That evening was punctuated by a cookout in the TC courtyard with the 60 returning seminarians, plus four resident student priests and a full faculty compliment. Saturday’s day of recollection was appreciated, before Sunday’s portrait sittings and Eucharist with Rite of Welcome, followed by a banquet shared with TC staff and their spouses.

It was a whirlwind week of preparation for an exciting year of formation ahead, before the first day of classes Monday.  One new arrival from the Archdiocese of Louisville exclaimed, “I have a little bit of whiplash because this is my first-ever seminary experience…  But I am happy because the orientation team was so hospitable and supportive. Also, the building is really beautiful!”