On Tuesday, August 19th, 16 men from New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, and Connecticut arrived for a year of formation, prayer, community life, and academics at Theological College. Greeted by an enthusiastic orientation team, they were accompanied through four days of conferences—on the rhythm of life, spiritual direction, formation advising, and academics at CUA—as well as tours and outings  at CUA and around Washington, D.C., and even a pilgrimage to Baltimore to sites of interest to the Society of St. Sulpice and their students. Joseph Wiley, a new seminarian from Wheeling-Charleston, commented, “The experience I had of Orientation Days was one of an open and friendly welcome. The guys who greeted us and helped us get settled were really great.” Joined by the returning seminarians  on Friday, August 22nd,  ample opportunity was given to get to know more about the life and fraternity opening up to them at Theological College, starting with a much anticipated barbeque replete with volleyball and cornhole competitions. Jeff Chichester, Orientation Team co-chair, emphasized that the week was not only beneficial to the newly arrived brothers but also to those who welcomed them: “I am grateful to have participated in the orientation program and privileged to have gotten to know these fine new men.   The overall quality of their character inspired me and I am sure that they will have a very positive impact on our Theological College community.” Concluding the week’s introductory celebration of a new academic and formation year, Sunday’s Opening Mass (with beautiful TC Schola musical compliment) and Rite of Welcome  were followed by an enjoyable reception and banquet, all attended by TC office staff, CUA President John Garvey and Provost James Brennan, and others who wished to express their best wishes to seminary and faculty for a fruitful and blessed year.