Seminarians at TC minister at  5 hospitals, 22 parishes, and 2 colleges, and have the opportunity to work at 13 service-to-the-poor placements.  The guidance of pastoral supervisors is the key to making the most out of these fruitful educational experiences. As a gesture of appreciation, every year the Office of Pastoral Formation invites these supervisors for Solemn Vespers followed by a banquet honoring their valuable service to the seminary’s formation mission.

This year’s gathering on November 17 marked the end of the pastoral ministry program’s fiftieth anniversary celebration with over 30 guests in attendance. Four of this year’s outstanding supervisors were given the Rev. Gerald S. Brown, P.S.S., Award for Excellence in Pastoral Formation for the impact they have had on their mentees (in four categories): Kimberly Cox of the Father McKenna Centre in Washington, D.C., for service to the poor; Mother Apostle of Joy, S.S.V.M., of St. James Parish in Mt. Rainier, Md., for catechetical ministry (award accepted on her behalf by Armando Herrera-Dos Reis, 4-T, Richmond); Bishop Roy Campbell of St. Joseph Parish in Largo, Md., for parish ministry (award accepted on his behalf by Washington’s Fr. Patrick Mullan, ’19); and Father Casmir Onyegwara of Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Md., for hospital ministry.

The TC community extends heartfelt thanks to all of our diligent and supportive pastoral supervisors!