The Social Justice Committee’s collection at the TC Spring House Party raised $1,300 for the Community of Charity and Social Services (CCSS) in Vietnam. Theological College seminarians learned from Father Hy Nguyen, P.S.S., TC vice-rector, that the CCSS were raising money to buy 200 bikes for families in need. Father Nguyen, a native of Vietnam, has taught theology to sisters and seminarians of the order and introduced the SJC to Sister Cecilia, CCSS, who visited TC in April after the collection had been made for the bikes. Sister Cecilia explained that children need bikes in order to commute to school, and their families also highly value the bikes for other daily needs they have. She expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the families for the 26 bikes the TC donation will be able to purchase. She and other sisters personally delivered the bikes to needy families in central Vietnam in July. SJC chairman Miguel Melendez commented that he thought this fundraiser was so successful because of its personal and tangible nature. He said, “Seminarians were able to see pictures of floods that recently affected families in Vietnam, learn about how students sometimes had to walk hours to school and how much a bike would help, and give money specifically for bikes to ease the journey. Given that the bikes were $50 a piece, many donations were for exactly $50, greatly raising the effectiveness of the fundraiser.” When asked what the most pressing need of the CCSS community is right now, Sister Cecelia said, “We are building The Mother and Child Orphanage in Binh Thuan, Vietnam. We need help to complete construction of the orphanage, and to purchase its furnishings.” For more information on the CCSS and/or to support their ministry, go to