Theological College continues its annual tradition of offering seminarians and staff a moment of respite and farewell before the onset of final exams and departures to summer study or ministry assignments, home visits, and long-awaited ordinations. This year’s goodbyes were particularly poignant, with Dr. Gerald Muller, TC’s music director of 18 years, joining the ranks of those leaving as he retires from his position at the helm of the music program. Father McBrearity, rector, fittingly presented him with an inscribed Mary, Seat of Wisdom statue, and the Schola choir surprised him with a final performance at the banquet. Also recognized by the rector with warm and gracious affability and respect were the 12 fourth-year theologian deacons, all of whom are moving on to ordination, and the two third-year Basselin scholars preparing to receive their PH.L. degrees in the week ahead. In addition, two other seminarians are leaving TC after the completion of their pre-theology work, and two resident priests studying at Catholic University also completed their work and will return to home dioceses — one to Lafayette and the other to China. Finally, Rev. Robert Cro, a Sulpician candidate and part of the faculty for the past two years, is moving to Rome for Church history studies. Throughout the evening, there was much fraternal good will, reminiscing, and words of wisdom being shared for future challenges. One of the highlights of the evening came after the Mass with the presentation and blessing of the new Mary, Queen of Heaven statue (above) for the inner courtyard, which was the class gift from the 2017 graduating deacons. One participant enthusiastically asserted, “She reminds us of why we are here, and of the promise to come for those moving on!”