By: Rev. Mr. Mathew Kiehl, 4T

One of the hallmarks of Sulpician formation is the communauté éducatrice, a community in which formation and discernment permeates every aspect of life.  At Theological College, the Student Government Association (SGA) serves as one of the mechanisms that work to build up our formational community.  For seminarians, the SGA is an important forum through which we actively participate in our formation by discussing student priorities, planning seminarian-led events, and working with the faculty to raise and address issues for the good of the house.  A budget provided through student activity fees allows the SGA to fund various house-wide projects that are primarily organized through three standing committees: Prayer and Worship, Community Life, and Social Justice.

            The 2013-2014 formation year was a busy one for the Student Government.  The Prayer and Worship Committee sponsored several guest speakers, as well as a pilgrimage to various sites in Southern Maryland that are important to our American Catholic history.  Social Justice Committee members planned a number of collections which supported ministries that work in our local neighborhood, as well as larger organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services.  House parties and intramural sports were some of the responsibilities of the Community Life Committee.  As a whole, the SGA purchased new tables and chairs for our third-floor student lounge, which completed a project that was started the year before to revamp the room.  Moreover, a new fire pit and some new outdoor furniture were also purchased for our ground-floor patio, a popular informal gathering place at the seminary.  All of these efforts helped to strengthen fraternity and enrich formation as we continue our discernment as a community.


President: Keith Burney, 3rd Theology, Archdiocese of Washington

Prayer and Worship Committee Chairman: Rev.Mr. Levi Hartle, 4th Theology, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Social Justice Committee Chairman: Rev.Mr. John Paul Trask,  4th Theology, Diocese of Rapid City

Community Life Committee Chairman: Rhett Williams, 1st Theology, Diocese of Charleston

Treasurer: Mark DeYoung, 2nd Theology, Archdiocese of New York

Secretary: Cody Ford, 3rd Theology, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston